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By Michael Carpenter
 Copyright � 2012

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My, then fianc�, and I had just been seated in a restaurant awaiting our server, it was summer in Tucson and we were both parched. As the minutes went by all I could think about is how insensitive to our needs our server was being by their absence. Had they thought about our needs and wants when thinking about what their job was? Being a server myself it was obvious to me they had not. After this I started to look at other servers differently. I started to see glaring omissions in their service as well as things which should not have been done. I wondered why this was and came to the conclusion it was as simple as they had never been told some of what I deem essentials of service.
I decided on that day to write something useful for servers everywhere. Things they may not know or things which if they did know would be good to be reminded of. That was the inception of this text.
If you�re thinking about serving as a job I hope you find information which allows you to make an informed choice. If you�re a seasoned veteran maybe you�ll learn something which will help you increase your sales or percentage and make more money daily. Either way you will become more informed about what it means to be a food server.
Without the understanding, help and care of my wife Jamie this would not have been possible. It was she who believed in me. It was she who showed me it was within me to write this and it was she who provided the support necessary to make this a reality.

Decide If Food Service Is Right For You.
Do you consider yourself well organized and able to manage several tasks at once? Are you friendly and comfortable with perfect strangers? Are you capable of allowing guests to see you truly care about their situation? Do you have strong communication skills? Do you have the ability to handle difficult situations, taking them in stride? Are you capable of allowing an unhappy guest to feel important while correcting the problem in a manner agreeable to them?
If you answered yes to those questions as well as being prepared to sweat at work a little bit and enjoy making people happy please read on. You may have what it takes to make decent money and love your job. It�s not easy work but at the same time it�s not digging ditches either.
If you can not do those things I beg of you to stop reading immediately. Never become involved in food service. You are not going to enjoy the work. You are going to feel as though it�s very stressful and ultimately you are going to end up making guests unhappy as you make yourself unhappy every day you show up to work. Some people are not cut out for food service. There�s no shame in realizing you are one of those people. Please remember this: Be happy with your job and your job will make you happy. If you are not happy with your job, seek another and with it the happiness you so rightfully deserve.

If you find this valuable please
drop me a donation from the buy page :)